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The first edition of Catalog of desire and disappearance received some encouraging reviews. Thank you everyone who got to know Ana and Gabriella and allowed them to become a part of their lives!

Red Wall & Stairs

Kirsty Whitlock, @bookwormwhitlock86

It is an absolute roller-coaster ride of emotions filled with heartbreak, jealousy, regrets, romance, anger, family, love, loss, friendship and so much more. I loved the main protagonists Ana and Gabriella who were both such strong females. I love seeing strong female leads in books being female myself and these two were both fantastic women.

What an absolutely unique, gripping, sexy and mysterious page turner!!! I have never come across a book that is anything like this and I absolutely loved it.

Suzanne, @book_read_2day

Top marks to the author Ana Cruz for writing an unputdownable novel. Today I’m giving this page-turning book a real shout out. For me, this is the best story I’ve ever read about an outspoken sex therapist.


Jayne Armishaw-Bagnall, @SMABLblog

This one is a sizzler! The book is full of diversity with the LGBTQ+ community playing a big part within the storyline, which is always lovely to see.


Laura, @thebookishhermit

The exploration of desire is at the heart of this mesmerizing tale. The novel artfully navigates the complexities of human sexuality, giving readers a profound understanding of the transformative power of intimacy and self-discovery. The characters’ emotional depth and vulnerability add a layer of relatability, as readers become fully invested in their journeys. The writing style is poetic and evocative, allowing the reader to feel every emotion and sense the palpable tension that permeates the story.

Alice Chambers, @storiesbyalice2021

An absolute gripping story of passion, intrigue and self-discovery. I have never read a book so quickly! Beautifully written and such well-drawn characters.


Janet Mawdesley,

Ana Cruz crafted very real characters that become alive on the pages, as they develop the characteristics that make them seem familiar, very much like people we all know.

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